The private art collection ”The Olsson Art Collection” was started in a small way in the early seventies when Ulla and Greger Olsson, left the University town of Lund in Southern Sweden and moved to the small town of Ronneby, where she joined an insurance company and he was a junior clerk at the District Court. Through a local gallery they got introduced to German and Austrian art (for example Die Wienerschule with Fuchs, Hundertwasser etc.). They moved to Stockholm where they started to make acquisitions at the national Swedish Auction houses of such artists as Hockney, Liechtenstein, Chillida, Tapies etc (unfortunately only prints, but still..). Greger’s career as an International Tax Lawyer started shortly thereafter and by that also the travelling to the US, where they in the late Seventies met Artists Peter Mackie and Elba Damast.

They were immediately hooked and started to collect their work in a big way. Through Peter and Elba, slowly but surely, Ulla and Greger were introduced to not only the gallery- and museum world of New York but also to a number of other Latin American Artists – many of them still good friends and, of course, represented in the Olsson Art Collection and continuing to participate in the various new projects of the Olsson Art Collection. In the early Eighties, Ulla left her insurance career and started to devote herself to the Olsson Art Collection – and has done so ever since. Greger continued to travel and consult the world – he must have done some 150 trips just to New York before he also came to his senses and devoted himself full time as well to the Art Collecting world in 2003 at the tender age of 55!

Now, the bulk of the Collection is to be found at the Farm which is a purpose built conversion of an old farm, originally from the mid Nineteenth Century, located in the most southern part of Sweden.