Raul Conti –new works 2019

Our Argentinian master artist Raul Conti is turning 90 years old next year. This has not slowed him down if you ever should think so; on the contrary. He is painting better than ever and is still burning of love for his art. His investigation and documentation of illustrious fantasy landscapes knows no boundries. Here are two of his newest landscape works to highlite this.
But we have to include also another jewel. Fishes swimming around a rowing boat, “El Romanso”. A few elements give the painting extra life and tension. The boat and the fishes are on the same level where the boat has been placed in the center, empty but with a deviant red colour to mark its focal importance,  that gives the scene a special focus. But having said this, nothing very much else is happening. But a few other things still help to create the moment. The fishes are swimming in the same direction around the boat but a few that are randomly coming in the opposite way which brakes the symmetri and gives a background with a kind of built in disturbance. The illuminated blue field in the upper left corner creates a more visible disturbance to the otherwise calm scene and draws the attention back from the central boat to the ever swimming fishes. But what is really happening? Suddenly the painting is full of vibrant life without really telling a story what is going on!


Raul Conti, “Alto Parana”, oil on canvas, 2019, 125 x 180 cm.

Raul Conti, “Ritual del Rio”, oil on canvas, 2019, 125 x 180 cm.

Raul Conti, “El Remanso”, oil on canvas, 2019, 100 x 150 cm.