With Easter, spring finally came to our small part of the world. The surrounding agricultural landscape is turning green and soon the rapsmark will turn yellow. Summer again!

The spirits were high when the whole family gathered for a special Easter showing of The Olsson Art Collection. My two directors – visiting from the big city of Stockholm – dived into the various storages to dig up some exciting artworks which we decided to show for the Easter exhibition.

In our collection we have artists that we have been collecting for many, many years on a very personal basis. As a matter of fact, this personal basis is the core basis for our collecting. With it comes a personal friendship with the artists which has given us the opportunity and strength to really experience and closely follow each of our artists over a very long time, in some cases more than 40 years.

When I participate in the selection of works for the rehanging it strikes me how far this collection has come and how it has somehow turned into something greater and beyond myself and Ulla’s interest. Even after all these years, I’m surprised by our discussions about art as well as the opinions and conclusions from my two directors. Is this the same Henrik I was dragging around in SoHo, Madison Avenue and East Village in New York some 38 years ago? Bribing him with small packages of Sun Maid raisins which lasted three days before we had to look for places where he could find the new He-Man action figures (some of them we also still have in our storage). When listening carefully, don’t I hear some expressions and specific words that I have been using in my own discussions and preachings of art? And wait a moment, don’t I hear some similar things from the youngest one Emma who was at the solo show of Elba Damast at El Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas when she was just two years old?

While reminiscing about the past is joyous, I want to focus on the future. The future of The Olsson Art Collection and what it personally means to be an art collector today. I hope to share my views, thoughts and observations about everything A R T. So welcome. Welcome to our new website and I hope you will follow along this journey of The Olsson Art Collection 2.0 with us. We are very much looking forward to it!


Greger, Founder of The Olsson Art Collection

April 2019