Alicia Porcel de Peralta


Selected works


Alicia Porcel de Peralta was born 1959 in Cordoba, Argentina and since 2004 she lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Peralta has worked in painting, sculpture, film, video and installations in New York, Mexico and Argentina. Her latest works are sculptures, fragile porcelain intervened, mirrors, acrylic and a third element that encompasses the liquid plaster, strengthening the fragility and allows the risk, the hazard at the moment of manufacture. Several works, where she assumed a continuous search for the construction of the impossible, the construction of an image and its reflection, reaffirms the asymmetry of the imperfect. The photographic productions come from performances and installations. Issues related with Violence have moved her, especially Violence in a domestic space. Peralta describes her artistry – “To think about how we see and what touches us. To believe in ourselves and understand what we have become and what we have created. To show the result of our decisions, the world which we are constructing while we are sleeping or drinking. History awakes me every morning only to give me a simple view of what I have to change or what I have to perpetuate, unfailingly. Sometimes, most times, I choose the same thing. Like my pieces, compulsively I take and arrange the same objects to build my day, my work.”

Solo and group exhibitions

2013 – BOXIN, video performance, (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 2012 – Minituras Asimétricas, La Cúpula, Laboratory of Visuals and Musical experience (Cordoba, Argentina), 2011 – Ocúltame, en donde?, Space MULTIARTE, SIGEN (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2010 – Cómo ves el Futuro?, FASE2, Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2009 – Postales de Argentinas, Archibrazo Theater (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Frösundavik Castle (Stockholm, Sweden), First International Congress on Violence, La Salle (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2007 – Postales de Argentinas, International Congress on Violence Preventation against Women, University of Cordoba (Cordoba, Argentina), Project La violencia no es sutíl, Direccion Gral de la Mujer (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2005 – Contemporary Latin American Artists, The Olsson Art Collection (Sweden), 1998 – Trabajos sobre papel, Museo Genaro Perez (Argentina), 1997 – Artistas Argentinos Contemporaneos, Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Simon I. Patino (La Paz, Bolivia), 1996 – Contemporary Latin American Artists, Housatonic Museum of Art (New York, USA), 1994 – Espacio Ecumenico, Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina), XX Internacional Critica Congreso, CAYC (Buenos Aires, Argentina), En Transito, Caceres- Porcel de Peralta, Galeria Espacio Giesso (Argentina), Women and Art, Boricua College (New York, USA), 1993 – Retratos de Artistas, Galeria Jaime Conci (Argentina), Vistas Latinas show, Porter Butts Gallery (Wisconsin, USA), Pintura Mediterranea, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (Panama), Interior de Argentina, Consulate General of Argentina (New York, USA), Vistas Latinas show, Goddard- Riverside Community Center (New York, USA), 1992 – El ultimo dia de Libertad, Museo E. Caraffa (Argentina), The last day of freedom, 500 de Resistencia, Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Vistas latinas show, Stony Brook Union Gallery (New York, USA), Interior de Argentina, Galeria del Cerro (Chile), 1991 – Retrato de Artistas, Galeria Jaime Conci (Cordoba, Argentina), 1988 – Confutatis, Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina), El ano de la Tortuga, Goethe Institute (Cordoba, Argentina), 1987 – Visiones Electroacusticas, Ex-Esc. Olmos (Cordoba, Argentina).

Museum and Private Collections

SIGEN, Sindicatura Gral de La Nación (Argentina), The Olsson Art Collection (Sweden/Malta)