Selected works


Fabio Herrera was born in 1954 in San José, Costa Rica. Throughout Herrera’s artistic career he has used numerous pictorial languages and created thousands of works, from landscape watercolours to arcane abstractions, including arte povera, materic and neo-figurative painting, color fields, drawings, woodcuts, silkscreen prints and book art among other form of expression. No matter how foreign a work by Herrera may be to our personal sensibility, his paintings always capture our attention. Why? What is this magnetism that forces us to watch, to consider even something that does not resound whith us internaly? It comes from the firmness , fluency and determination with which Herrera creates his work. Each one of his paintings is impregnated with the spontaneous directness of someone who wants to reflect life – every moment, every sensation, every experience of life is all its richness and complexity – on a canvas, wood or paper surface. When we see a painting by Herrera we know that he is entirely in it; nothing is held back, no clever calculations are involved. That is why by watching any of his works we can peek into his inner world and feel the spirit of freedom and transparency that animates his art. Finding an artist who approaches life from so many different angles, or who delivers himself so passionately to translate all that into strokes and colours is rare. Come to think of it, it is quite exceptional. (Carlos Francisco Echeverria)

Selected solo exhibitions

2013 – Acuarelas, Studio Hotel Boutique (Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica), 13 pinturas, Hotel Barceló (San José, Costa Rica), 2012 – 40 años de pintura, Banco Popular del Paseo Colón (San José, Costa Rica), 2011 – Arte-Diversidad: Pinturas de Fabio Herrera, Galería Centro Cultural e Histórico José Figueres Ferrer (San Ramón, Alajuela, Costa Rica), 2010 – Fabio Herrera: Obra escogida, Galería Alternativa (San José, Costa Rica), ¡Finales y principios de siglo! Artista nacional: Fabio Herrera, Club Unión (San José, Costa Rica), 2008 – Líneas Liquidas, Galería Amón (San José, Costa Rica), 2005 ­Ticonos, Arte Público explanada del Museo de Arte Costarricense (San José, Costa Rica), Muchas Formas de Pintar, Galería de Arte MITAS (San José, Costa Rica), 2000Dos mil obras para niños, Galería Nacional del Centro Costarricense de Ciencia y Cultura, Museo de los Niños (San José, Costa Rica), 1999 Fabio Herrera: Muestra Gráfica, ARCO (Madrid, Spain), 1998 – Fabio Herrera: New Works, Joan Prats Gallery (New York, USA), Fabio Herrera, J. J. Brookings Gallery (San Francisco, USA), Visión, Galería Nacional (San José, Costa Rica), 1992 – Serigrafías, Museo de San Ramón (Alajuela, Costa Rica), 1987 – Ventanas, Galería José Figueres Ferrer (San José, Costa Rica), 1978 – Negre Music, Tarrasa (Cataluña, Spain), 1971Dibujos y Pinturas de Fabio Herrera, Escuela Normal de Pérez Zeledón (San José, Costa Rica).

Selected group exhibitions

2013 – Exposición de la Colección, Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, (San José, Costa Rica), Abstracción, Andrómeda Contemporáneo (San José, Costa Rica), Artistas de la Galería Artflow, Artflow (Escazú, San José, Costa Rica), 2012 – Pacífico: Mario Maffioli y Fabio Herrera, Museo Punta Islita (Puntarenas, Costa Rica), Innovadores, Casa Cultural La Guaricha (Chiriquí, Panamá), 2010RescatArte 2010, Taller del Artista (San José, Costa Rica), 2005 – Adentro Fuera, Museo de Arte Costarricense (San José, Costa Rica), 2004 – 215, Salon de la Societé des Artistes Français (Paris, France), 1999 – Prints by Latin American Artists from the Olsson Art Collection, Chateau d’Argenteuil (Brussels, Belgium), 1994 Areyto for Life, Hispanic Art Forum Art Auction (New York, USA), 1993 – Kunst aus Costa Rica: Die expressionistischen Tendenzen, Städtische Galerie Paderborn (Paderborn, Germany), 1987 – Salón Anual de Pintura, Galería Nacional de Arte Costarricense (San José, Costa Rica), 1983 – Acuarelistas Costarricenses, (Miami, USA), 1973 – IV Certamen de Paisaje Rural, Municipalidad de Puntarenas (Puntarenas, Costa Rica), 1969 – Exposición estudiantil, (Jerusalem, Israel).


Selected museum and private Collections

Museo de Arte y Diseno Contemporáneo (Costa Rica), The Olsson Art Collection (Sweden), Daniel Yankelewitz Collection (Costa Rica), Walter Fernández (Costa Rica), Daniel y Trudy Regan (USA), Museo de arte costarricense (Costa Rica), Museo de arte latinoamericano (USA).