Selected works


Peter Mackie was born in 1950 in Detroit, Michigan. After attending University of Michigan for a BFA he attended the prestigious MFA program at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan under the instruction of George Ortman. Even though graduating with a degree in painting he infused his studies with film installations that were connected to a movement called “Expanded Cinema” where film and painting were symbiotic. After the media of film, he began to experiment with the medium of airbrush or as he called it “painting with light” – he with a select few established a school of “Abstract Illusionism” that to this day has influenced many new artists. Still searching and redefining his objectives he turned his concerns to photographic imagery and again to the moving image with photo- constructions and video installations. Mackie has shown internationally with many galleries, museums, collections and individual collectors with all these mediums and has established himself as a multi- disciplined artist spanning more than four decades. Recently with Mackie’s interests in sports and it’s memorabilia, he has extended his interest in sculpture to include actual sport equipment and illuminated them to mimic ritualistic or ceremonial objects that have led him to a series of paintings that are titled ”Totem”.

Selected solo exhibitions: 2013 – The Olsson Art Collection presents Totem, Arthouse 28 (New York, New York, USA), 2012 – The Olsson Art Collection presents Ikons, Arthouse 28 (New York, New York, USA), 2010 – Castleton II, Hudson Press (Castleton, New York, USA), 2008 – Photo Constructions, Curators Voice Art Projects, ABBA Fine Art Gallery (Miami, Florida, USA), 1995 – Photo Constructions, Art Museum of the Americas (Washington D.C., USA), 1994 – Peter Mackie, Olsson Fine Art (Brussels, Belgium), 1992 – Peter Mackie, D Y Gallery of Art (Caracas, Venezuela), 1986 – Peter Mackie, Galleri Malen (Helsingborg, Sweden), Peter Mackie, Gallery 101 (Malmö, Sweden), 1985 – Peter Mackie, Cretum Art (Stockholm, Sweden), 1982 – Peter Mackie, Jack Gallery (New York, New York, USA), 1974 – Expanded Cinema, Kinetic Paintings, Cayman Gallery (New York, New York, USA).


Selected group exhibitions: 2013 – Leo Kuelbs Collection, (Hudson, New York, USA), Castleton III (Castleton-on-the-Hudson, New York, USA), 2012 – Art of Baseball 15th Annual ExhibitionI, George Krevsky Gallery (San Francisco, California, USA), 2011 – The Olsson Art Collection (Tommarp, Sweden), 2010 – Art Shanghai: Curator’s Voice Art Projects (Shanghai, China), Mixed voices contemporary Art, Curator’s voice art project, ”The Deceptive Eye” (Miami, Florida, USA), 2009 – Digital Rituals, New Art in the Fourth DimensionI, Jungle (Brooklyn, New York, USA), The Olsson Art Collection, Stora Frösunda SAS Institute AB (Stockholm, Sweden), 2006 – DUMBO Art under the Bridge Festival, ”Contingencies of the Real”, (Brooklyn, New York, USA), Scope Hamptons, Perpetual Art Machine (Hamptons, New York, USA), 2002 – Life of the City, Museum of Modern Art (New York, New York, USA), 1994 – Miami’94 Art Exposition, Joel Kessler Fine Art (Miami Beach, Florida, USA), 1990 – Peter Mackie, Galeria Arte Ascaso (Valencia, Venezuela), 1982 – Stockholm Internationl Art Fair (Stockholm, Sweden), 1972 – 34th Annual North Carolina Artists’ Show (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA).


Selected museum and private Collections: Museo de Arte de Maracaibo Lia Bermudez (Maracaibo, Venezuela), The Olsson Art Collection (Sweden/Malta), Alan Hamburger Collection (Georgia, USA), Lorentzon & Wettre (Stockholm, Sweden), PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Stockholm, Sweden), Per Zaunders (Malta), Håkan Mårtensson (Sweden), J.Richards Byrns, Bloomcraft Inc. (New York, USA), Casablanca Records (New York, USA), Gerald Kuhn Inc. (New York, USA), Coca Cola Inc. (Georgia, USA), Metropolitan Life (New York, USA), Jan Selmerhagen (Sweden), Ulf Karlberg (UK).